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Dicas para cuidados com galinhas

Okay, this is my new favorite chicken coop photo. My chickens would require more things to play on in their run, but this is so cute.:
Que tal criar galinha caipira?
Colher ovos frescos todos os dias!
Venda os ovos e terá uma renda extra no orçamento.

Ana White | Build a A Frame Chicken Coop | Free and Easy DIY Project and Furniture Plans:

chicken coop:  Chicken Coop:


Quadro de galinhas no galinheiro

Quadro de galinhas no galinheiro, perfeito para áreas externas como churrasqueiras. Preço informado da unidade. R$ 50,00:

Quail && Chicken Housing.....http://www.backyardchickens.com/forum/uploads/18621_chicken_house_005.jpg:

the roost is made on a slope, enclosed with poultry wire to keep the chickens out of the mess:

Easy Clean Chicken Coops - Litter Trays:
Bucket o' Chicken:

Chicken nesting boxes made from dollar store bins:


Nesting Box @rondalocher:

Chicken nesting boxes:

Galinhas gostam de banhar-se na terra

when building for your birds, don't forget the dust box. If you don't they will dig up plants:

Neat idea for chicken dust bath:

 Adicione uma área de terra! Pode ser uma caixa ou banheira ou apenas jogue algumas pás de terra do jardim 

I think one day I might like to have chickens!! DIY Chicken Coop:

Se colocar janelas será preciso por telas para protegê-las dos predadores

Gancho para fechar a janela

Instale um pequeno gancho para segurar a janela aberta em dias agradáveis, e um fixador maior para bloquear a janela a partir do interior

Não se esqueça das rampas, escadas  poleiros 


cute little coop:

Coop De Ville - Very detailed description! #FreeHenHousePlans www.FreeHenHousePlans.net:

Chicken Coop at #SweetSouthCottage. www.sweetsouthcottage.com:

_MG_0012 copy:  

inside chicken coop pictures | Inside chicken coop designs:

If I make 1 stall the coop, put a window 1/2 way up instead of on the ground & put a ramp out into Dakota's old turn out.:

Roosts over poop board with introduction cage underneath on one side and food and water on the other.:

Chicken coop:


chicken waterer:

_MG_9966 copy:

Tips on building the perfect chicken coop. Plus DIY hanging chicken feeder ideas. I saw on another pin that in the south, they would always paint the ceiling of their porches blue because mosquitoes hate the color and wasps won't build nests there; maybe here, too?:

Keep your flock watered, with minimal mess.:


Belfry Coop Easy Fill Chicken Waterer. Makes taking care of your chickens super easy!:

Chicken coop:

Easy to clean chicken coop:

Chicken Coop:

chicken coop:

chicken coop made from 5 wood pallets:

chicken coop from old swing set:
A chicken coop made from an old swing-set, wire, and corrugated metal- Genius!:
We love ingenuity. This chicken coop made from an old swing set is a good example. http://theownerbuildernetwork.co/04su:

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